In SDGO there are four types of terrain:

  • Ground
  • Air
  • Water
  • Space

A few maps have a combination of terrain (e.g.: any land map has airspace above it, water is usually found near land). Some will have a certain terrain suited to them, this is listed in the "Topography" section on the unit pages. Topography does not work on the principle of one countering another. Instead units in their listed environment will have an increased performance, conversely units outside of their listed environment will has a decreased performance.


Unit a psyco gundam
The Psyco Gundam is a ground based unit, therefore on ground maps it will perform better than when it's under water or in space.

Unit a apsalus ii
The Apsalus II is an aerial unit, it performs better when boosted into the air. Usually these are long-range types to make use of the large vertical boost.

Unit c hygogg
The Hygogg is a marine unit, it gains a performance increase when under/in water.

Unit a gp03s dendrobium stamen
GP-03 Stamen is a space-type suit, in any non-zero gravity map it loses performance.

Unit b gundam
Another class of suit exists which has no specific environment, versatile type suits do not lose or gain performance depending on the topography.


In SDGO there are two kind of movement, walking and hovering. Some units may be able to switch modes which change can movement methods (i.e.: transformable units).


The simplest way to get around, you put one foot in front of the other, then repeat.


Some units may be able to hover without using the booster, hovering units move faster than walking ones and are unaffected by topography.