Unit b gundam ground type
Unit Number 0015
Unit Type Long Range Combat
Rank Brank
Topography Land
Movement Walking
Shield Yes
Faction 1 E.F.S.F.
Faction 2 N/A
Capsule 3, 48
Blueprint 5000 Points
Video N/A

Ammo: Range: Reload:

Other Attributes:

Beam Sabre
Weapon sabre Melee 3 hits to knockdown.
100mm Machine Gun
Weapon machine gun 14 Medium Fast 3-shot burst.
180mm Cannon
Weapon cannon 1 Long Long Shell sniping weapon.


The RX-79(G) Gundam Ground Type was a special limited mass production variation of the Gundam built from leftover parts from Operation V. As such, while designed for land, the Ground Type is as tough as the original RX-78 itself. This B Rank, 3-Paper unit deals with sniping, thus the unit is plagued with a number of faults, including weak attack rankings, slow beam saber slashing and long 3rd weapon reload times. The Precision Shooting skill makes up for it by making sniping stronger and fast to reload and the unit's high defense makes up for the lack of power.

Skill 1

Skill 2

Skill sniper precision

Precision Shooting

Skill fortress

Impenetrable Defense

Special Attack

Skill special attack ranged

Ranged Special Attack

Attack 100 Points
Defense 110 Points
Mobility 74 Points
Difficulty 92 Points


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Guncannon Acguy Gaza-C Dom Hygogg
Key Level 7 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1

Used in Blueprint of: