Unit c gaza-c
Unit Number 0093
Unit Type Long Range Combat
Rank Crank
Topography Versatile
Movement Walking
Shield No
Faction 1 Axis
Faction 2 Neo Zeon
Capsule 3, 24, 31
Blueprint N/A
Video N/A

Ammo: Range: Reload:

Other Attributes:

Beam Sabre
Weapon sabre Melee 3 hits to knockdown.
Beam Gun
Weapon beam rifle 27 Medium Medium Double shot.
Weapon mega beam 1 Long Medium Beam sniping weapon.


Like many MS designed around the time of the Gryps Conflict, the Gaza-C line of MS from Neo Zeon were built around the concept of a versatile transforming frame. Tho due to Flaws in the design and flimsy construction would Cause the MS to literally fall apart when it transformed.

Skill 1

Skill 2

Skill sniper precision

Precision Shooting

Skill veteran sniper

Seasoned Sniper

Special Attack

Skill special attack beam

Beam Special Attack

Attack 102 Points
Defense 66 Points
Mobility 22 Points
Difficulty 70 Points

Used in Blueprint of: