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The Factory is the customization area of the game, using the factory players can customise units to their heart's content. The Factory consists of seven areas, each one allowing for a different form of customization.


Status shows the stats of the unit (and can show the stats of the variable unit too).

Grow UnitEdit

Here players can use EXP packs to boost the unit's EXP and see the suit's level.


Skill section shows the three abilities used by the suit (special attack, skill 1 and skill 2) and allows for the addition of a skill part; a part that can add an extra skill to the suit for a limited time.


The Sticker section lets players customise their unit with stickers which they've won or bought, stickers can be placed on three areas which vary from unit to unit.


Here a unit can be painted or have a metal polish applied, painting can either be done with a set of paints or individual sections can be painted using single paints which can be bought or won.

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