Unit a blitz gundam
Unit Number 0114
Unit Type Close Range Combat
Rank Arank
Topography Versatile
Movement Walking
Shield Yes
Faction 1 Z.A.F.T.
Faction 2 O.M.N.I.
Capsule 13
Blueprint 15000 Points
Video N/A

Ammo: Range: Reload:

Other Attributes:

Weapon sabre Melee 5 hits to knockdown.
High-Energy Beam Rifle
Weapon beam rifle 9 Medium Medium None.
Dart Lancer
Weapon small gun 1 Medium Long Fires 3 darts. Gives temporary cloaking.[1]


One of four Mobile Suits stolen by ZAFT, the GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam was designed for sneak attacks in mind. Armed with the cloaking Mirage Colloid gas, the Blitz can hide from just about any target and can strike with its Trikeros Composite Shield, armed with a beam saber, beam rifle and three armor-piercing darts. It's also outfitted with a special anchor similar to the one used by the Sword Strike Gundam. The unit was stolen by Nicol Amaifi and used by him until the unit and pilot was killed by Kira Yamato and the Sword Strike Gundam. It's right arm would be found and used on the Astray Gold Frame Amatsu.

Skill 1

Skill 2

Skill phase-shift armor

Phase Shift Armor

Skill mobility up

Mobility Up

Special Attack

Skill special attack melee

Melee Special Attack

Attack 116 Points
Defense 106 Points
Mobility 138 Points
Difficulty 80 Points


Unit bs astray gold frame amatsu Unit c rick dias Unit c zgok Unit c dom tropen Unit c long dagger
Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Rick Dias (Black) Z'Gok Dom Tropen Long Dagger
Key Level 7 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1

Used in Blueprint of:

  • None
  1. In addition, the unit temporarily receives attack up, agility up, and defense down when cloaked.